Compression molding machine | What is compression molding?

Compression molding machine | What is compression molding?

Compression molding, also known as compression molding, compression molding, etc., is the powder or loose granular solid plastic directly added to the mold, through the heating, pressurization method to make them gradually soften and melt, and then according to the shape of the mold cavity molding, cured into plastic parts, mainly used for molding thermoset plastics, can also be used for thermoplastics. Compared with injection molding, the advantage is that ordinary hydraulic presses can be used and the compression die structure is simple (no pouring system).


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Compression Rubber Molding Machine

The manufacturing process for rubber and silicon products includes material preparation, chewing, mixing, preforming, cutting, calendering, vulcanization and processing steps. Each step requires specific equipment and technology to complete. Vacuum compression molding machine is an industry that produces rubber or silicone parts such as O-rings, seals, keyboards, connectors, bushings, rubber medical products, etc.

What industry is compression molding machine used in?

Compression molding machines are commonly used to manufacture a wide range of products, including automotive parts, electrical components, medical devices, and consumer products. The compression molding process is known for its accuracy, consistency, and ability to produce high-quality parts with complex shapes and designs.

Additionally, compression molding machines may also be used to perform other functions, such as heating and cooling the plastic material, injecting the material into the mold cavity, and removing the finished part from the mold. Some compression molding machines may also be equipped with additional features, such as automation systems, to improve their performance and productivity.

What is the function of compression molding machine?

The main function of a compression molding machine is to manufacture parts or products using the compression molding process. In this process, a preheated plastic material is placed into a mold cavity and then compressed using a clamping mechanism. The heat and pressure applied by the molding machine cause the plastic to flow and fill the mold cavity, taking on the shape of the mold.

Silicone Compression Molding Machine

Silicone molding process Silicone molding molds are preheated before vulcanization. Place specific raw materials into a cavity. The mold tool then shuts down and the compressor applies pressure to the mold.

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Compression molding is a molding process in which a plastic material is placed directly into a heated metal mold and then softened by the action of heat, forcing it to conform to the shape of the mold when the mold is closed. After the molding is complete, excess flashes can be removed.

Advantages of compression molding It's a much simpler process. It involves lower tool costs. It is ideal for the production of large items and thicker parts. It can be a good choice for insert molding and multicolor molding. It is cost-effective for short-term production runs. It has a higher post-molding cost opportunity

The cost of a compression mold will vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the mold, the materials used to construct the mold, and the manufacturing process used to produce the mold.

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